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tv   Forbes on FOX  FOX Business  February 1, 2015 9:00am-9:31am EST

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from cyberterrorism, neil. >> all right. ben? >> if i can can w. partners with warren buffett for free i'll take you thenday, berkshire all the way. >> on the network for business news here's dave. >> i don't think that the taliban -- the taliban is an armed innsurgencyinsurgency. >> before we start throwing around labels let's look for broadly at terrorism. >> today we are witnessing more than a form of criminal an arcy. >> nothing more than criminal an arcy. white house officials still avoiding calling islamic terrorists islamic terrorists something the former et of the intelligence agencies is warning has very serious consequentials. retired general michael flynn saying, quote, you cannot defeat an enemy you do not admit exists. so is being too pc putting our
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lives and investments at risk. i'm david asman welcome to "forbes on fox" let's go with sabrina schaeffer, john tamny and rick younger. steve, nothing more than criminal an arcy, really? >> david, that's like saying adolf hitler was an overgrown juvenile delinquent subject to temper tantrums. this unwillingness to recommend nice what is out there is putting lives in jeopardy and economic well being in jeopardy. we see islamic bash richl on the pa march yemens falling, put inn doing more aggression in ukraine. that hurts investment because of the uncertainty that surrounds the world today into rick, there's no uncertainty among the american people 56% of whom believe that they are at war with radical islam. >> i'm a little surprised that the number is that low i would have thought that far more than
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56% would figure that out. what he had to say yesterday was preposterous. >> he is the deputy press secretary by the way. >> he is i just -- >> look at who else john kerry is the secretary of state. he says nogs more than criminal activity. >> and i know you know this i do not understand why this white house is so reluctant to call it what it is. i will say this i don't think that it has an impact. i don't agree with that on how we fight this war because you still have to point out that president obama has killed more terrorists than anybody before him and i i think they do understand they're fighting a war. i'm not supporting their refusing to say it though. >> all right. by the way, emac, chris kyle himself alone killed 200 terrorists i'm not sure whether obama has killed more than previous presidents it is not just republicans who are saying this, by the way, congressman gabbard she is an iraqi war veteran listen to what she said about this. >> unless you clearly identify
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your enemy you cannot come up with a very effective strategy to defeat that enemy. >> that's why it's important. >> she's a democrat. you know, you risk more loss of lives if you don't state the obvious. this is a war of theology it's a war of theology cal ideas, it's a war of of ideas rooted in a brutal theology that's in the koran. when that british soldier lee rig bee was killed beheaded his murderers cited the koran. this is basically it's better who have to have a dialogue to get to peace than sending more drones or going to war. the muslim world needs to stand up and issue a serious fat with a and seriously acknowledge what is the koran that is supporting these murders. >> john, what does it get you tip towing around the term? by the way, the non terrorist taliban according to the white house they just murdered three american contractors a couple of days ago. so they do not respect -- they are emboldened by weakness on our part are they not? >> i hear you and let's fake it
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it's understood that national defense is the president's prerogative but i think we somewhat overrate this. if president obama's lack of rhetoric or lack of rhetoric from the administration was lake making us less safe it would fall up in heavy falling market falling u.s. dollar. we all believe in market signals and i think those market signals are saying the lack of rhetoric really doesn't mean as much as as is presumed. >> sabrina, we are spending a fortune in human lives and treasury, about $60 billion in afghanistan and sometimes you have to consider the faith of your enemy. look at the japanese in world war ii they believed their emperor was god. that affected our war strategy our planning. there is a relationship. >> absolutely. look rhetoric isn't everything but i do agree that we have to recognize what it is that we're fighting. that's why this year ali made the important important she said the radical islamic terrorists
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value death more than they value life. that is something that is hard for americans to understand and certainly it's something the president doesn't understand but comprehending that is part of what it's going to take to win the war on terror. we have to realize this is not a small aberration this has become a major offshoot of islam throughout the middle east and south africa. >> loohassan the guy behind the fort hood mass a kers he hit behind political correctness. there were clear signs that he was a radical islamist and yet because of pc standards he wasn't found out sooper. >> it is political correctness run amuck, there's a theory behind it that i think will answer rick younger's question as to why and that's because president obama looks at the 2 billion muslims around the world who are overwhelmingly poor, overwhelmingly people of color and the politically correct sue is you do not skrit size these
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oppressed groups and so those discussions never occur. you saw this tragically playing out in england where over 15 years 1,100 girls were raped, gang raped by muslim immigrants from some alley. >> you bring up a great point i didn't say why more non violent muslims don't speak out against this. steve, i must say there are some and we feature them on fox news, there's a guy who has spoken out against radical islamists let's listen to what he had to say. >> if you don't call it islam you let their movements and thee october kraess all over the planet dominate who we are. >> why aren't there more of him? >> well, i think part of also they don't see a firm leadership and more and more have to do that. the president of egypt has taken the lead a couple of months ago saying slammist has got to restorm itself. they would be helped if they saw
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firm leadership from the united states. for example, ukraine, i know that's not an islamic fight but the fact that we won't arm the uk neens is a sign. the fact that we don't go beyond drones and a few air strikes in the middle east and my rae and yemen tells people they are we're not seer wrus about this fight. if you want forces of civilization to move forward you need firm leadership and the u.s. have to provide that. >> and, rick, steve just mentioned the president of egypt. we have to remember our president has not been terribly supportive of him. in fact he was more support tifr of the islamic brotherhood that he preceded him. they are more terrorist than this guy. >> i think in terms of that relationship it may be a little too soon to say. however, i do want to say something about the great question you asked david, about muslims speaking out. i've been digging into this. there are more than you might think, the media may not be giving them the opportunity but let me point out what happened in chicago, a woman who stood before the cameras, a muslim
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mother, saying, you know isil, leave our children alone. >> i remember that. >> she was ridiculed by certain television comment tarts who questioned her motives. don't do that. if you want them to speak out support them when they do. >> i praise everyone who speaks out against islamic terrorism whether they are muslims or christians or from wherever they're from. >> we support -- the civilized world would support that. what this is about is getting the muslim world who don't support that to stop and the way you get them to stop is you have to challenge them. you know, george or we will the author said words corrupt thoughts religious believes are choices. these individuals are choosing tok this way it's not jihadi thought it's blas testimoniy laws that kill a lot of christians. >> john you understand that ideas matter words matter they do make a differentials. as i mentioned before world war ii and other times a person's religious faith does come into play when you're deciding war
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strategy. >> yes words and ideas matter and i would love to see more outage from muslims and i think it's offensive that there's not more of it, but i'm also aware of the fact that politicians are so prone to mistakes that cost us in in terms of lives. if there's going to be maybe more carefulness on the part of washington or the administration i sometimes like that because of their ability to err in ways at that cause a lot of blood to spill. >> got to be ot last word on it. last week we exposed the cost of administration's college savings tax plan. then they scrapped it. now we expose crazy spending on lavish government offices that might have been you saying scrap that, too. i've been called a control freak... i like to think of myself as more of a control... enthusiast. mmm, a perfect 177-degrees. and that's why this road warrior rents from national. i can bypass the counter and go straight to my car. and i don't have to talk to any humans, unless i want to.
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i'll see you back hire at 2:30 p.m. eastern along with julie banderas. now back to forks. >> this time last week we told you about how the president's new plan to tax college savings accounts would be a gut punch to the middle class. i guess he was watching because a couple of days later the
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president actually killed his own plan. well now some here say this should also be killed $215 million project to, get this, renovate a lavish office building for the consumer financial protection buyer row. mooish, i say there's a the lo of iron yie protecting us by bend ago more of our money. >> the ball administration never sees e. keys toss amaze me. the middle class continues to struggle under his policies. he's taking taxpayer money funneling it down to d.c. so he and his kroen yees can live it up. >> there's another agency fannie mae which the government now owns, they're spending $180 million renovating their planned and then renting at lavish prices. >> the problem with getting all worked up about a bunch of buildings is you do lose sight of the big picture. i'm not so concerned about the $100 million that fannie mae is going to spenden o its next headquarters palace i'm word
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yeed about the $100 billion they're going to dissipate by having the government muck around in the mortgage market. >> we can focus on the little details of this that are outrageous, but it's the idea that these people lavish so much money on themselves that they lose sight of where that money comes from us. >> and there's no accountability, right? of course it's insane from a budget perspective, but it's such a snub to the american taxpayer who's paying for all of this this. the reality is that it doesn't even make any sense anymore. we live in a world with telecommuting is the norm we have a virtual office where we take donor dollars very seriously and don't waist it the way the government waists taxpayer dollars. >> it may -- by the which, it sarts out at a drop in the bucket and then builds up. look at how the renovation estimates increased for the consumer financial protection agency. supposed to be $55 million went
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up to 95 now it's $215 million. >> you know to these people in washington who are making these decisions if you are watching, please you are making my job here very, very hard. here is the part that really kills me fannie mae owns the building, there are' not only selling the building and moving to a new building where they're going to spend hundreds of millions renovating, they're renting the building they're not even going to own it after they renovate it. >> john tannedy, you look at the plans for these two jekts and they are just -- i mean luxuries would be an understatement. by the way, the cost her square foot of these renovations are about what the trump world towers is costing. mr. trump doesn't do things on the cheap. >> well, you know it's really offensive and let's face it we can always find these examples of egregious government spending but i think they subtract from our overall mission of shrinking government. the reality is all government
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spending almost by definition is waste because it's political allegation of the resources we create over private sector allocation of it. i think we need to move away from the little things and talk about the big government that exists here that is a huge ball and chain on u.s. economic growth nationwide. >> it's a great point. steve, the fact is that these ideas they might begin even as virt use the idea of consumer financial protection it sounds great, but then inevitably this is liz warren's idea, by the way, she's the one that came up with the idea for this agency inevitably it becomes a boondoggle boondoggle. >> this is that from the beginning but it ex emp guys their mentality. government will always get bigger. classic case after world war 1 with the british navy want to sharply downsize, the agency running the navy got bigger as the navy itself got smaller. they always are prone to bloat and this is an example of it. >> mike i love steve's
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expression taj mahal mentality. is that what we're turning into or re going from a republic to some kind of kingdom here? >> we are going to into a kingdom and the president himself was the one who said three years ago he was going to move to get rid of fannie mae. fannie mae is bigger today than it was three years ago which speaks directly to that mentality receive is talking about. >> is there anything that's going to stop this. >> certainly not in the case of that so-called consumer agency. they just write a blink check on the federal reserve. >> sabrina, what do you think? >> it's funny i agree with john we want to keep the focus on the larger picture what's of what's so frustrating it makes us less free. when businesses decide to not have a big fancy building and let people work remotely it gives working women more choices, it actually decreases congestion on the highways actually allows people to make choices that are more sensible and that's part of what's so upsetting here. the government just spends money
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blindly without thinking of the unintended consequences. >> the "cashin' in" gang by the way getting ready to roll at the bottom of the hour eric what's on tap? >> the white house won't pete with israel's leader when he comes to d.c. in march, but government officials did meet with muslim brotherhood supporters when they were here. what message is that sending? >> plus big box stores are causing obesity in america? the new walmart blame game that some here say is a big fat lie. see you at 11:30. up here first, apple stark away nearly $200 billion in cash. sounds impressive but some shear say that cash actually reveals a many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not.
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wow. talk about a blow out. apple reporting record profits and it's significant on record amounts of cash. $178 billion to be exact. it sounds like great news but, emac, you say this could be a problem. let me just quote from apple itself what they say is that compliance with all the laws and regulations they have to deal with in similar requirements maybe owner's expensive that's they're keeping so much money in cash. >> they say the rules and regulations may force it to delay the introduction of new apple devices. it's rules here in the united states are bad, rules overseas in the european union that's probably why apple's cash pile is about the size of u kuwait or he can with a do remember. >> corporate cash in 2014, $1.65
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trillion part of reasons it's in cash is because of all the regulations. >> i think it's coward is. during the depression tom watson built ibm into a great company by not laying people off and today corporations are competing with one another to see who can hire the fasters. >> it's not if he is i will coward is, steve it's just weighing the options. apple's hoard of cash is small potatoes compared to sent trals banks. >> right, david, just been ug ooused to finance government deficits. the if he had sucks cash out of banks and regulators tell banks to get more capital which means less lending. if you had sound money, low taxes, res regulations all of that money would be rapidly put to work. most of that apple cash hoard is probably -- ends up in the hands of government which we know is bad for the economy. >> doesn't much help. rich, the bottom line is if you
9:25 am
don't employ capital you don't employ people because you're not creating new businesses. >> yeah, that's all true, but in the case of apple no company of its size has ever grown at the rate that apple is growing. i don't know that apple could grow any faster without sacrificing profitability. in fact, google kind of disappointed the street and the street said google's problem missing its earnings is lack of focus. you don't want companies spending money with a lack of focus. the real key question in america is where are the apples of the future? we talked about this on a previous show that the trends are going the wrong way for u.s. entrepreneurship. >> but there is hope and you look to australia for hope of all places australia has a new prime minister tony abbott he's created this extraordinary dee regulatory program that reminds of what ronald reagan tried to do in the 19el 0ss. >> even bill clinton and congress worked together to curb on small businesses in the 1990s.
9:26 am
that spurred a rapid growth rate. i don't feel bad for companies like apple, ter' generally doing great it's small businesses that are getting hammered. >> apple was in the early '80s a small business, they grew because of all the deregulation. you want to use your cash to grow? stick around for our informers picks.
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. and we are back with the stocks to help you grow your cash. emac, agrat chemical company. >> it's dumping low margin businesses this stock could pop on this, a pretty solid balance sheet. >> naturally the environmentalists are going to try to tear it down. >> the company that makes cream of wheat. >> and pickles and other junk food. i think it will benefit from cheaper oil. >> emac, cream of wheat is not a junk food it's pretty healthy. >> i like the stock, but investors could get creamed if costs continue to rise. >> i like that. that's it for "forbes on fox"
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thanks for watching. have a great super bowl weekend. keep it right here the number one business block continues with eric bolling and "ca in". the president didn't go to paris and he's refusing to meet with israel prime minister netanyahu our closest ally in the middle east, but government officials did have time for this meeting with sympathizers of the muslim brotherhood. wow. plus, if you're fat it's walmart's fault. the retailer now getting blamed for america's obesity problem. we've got the skinny on the big fat claim. and then a classroom beat down, a team attacking a teacher for con if i say kagt his cell phone. we'll call you video and debate what's happening to our kids. piling on the american sniper, the new attack on hero chris kyle that will make your blood boil. "cashin' in" starts right now.


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